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RARE Pink/Green Tourmalines on Smoky Quartz Matrix, Himalaya Mine, California; $5,750 @ Mystical Earth Gallery

Pink/Green Tourmaline (2) on Smoky Quartz Matrix - Rare!

Size: 2.7" (L) x 2.8" (W) x 4.5" (H)  - (approx.)

Origin:  Himalaya Mine, San Diego County, California 

Weight:   1 pound, 3 ounces

Double terminated Smoky Quartz crystal with two beautiful, translucent tourmalines protruding. One tourmaline is pink, and the other tourmaline is pink and green.  
  • The pink tourmaline is .78" in length and .4" in width.  
  • The pink and green tourmaline is partially inside the smoky quartz crystal.  The exposed length is 1.2", with the full length including inside the crystal is 1.4". The width is .59".
There is also a magnificent, beautiful, rich rainbow refraction on the main face of the smoky quartz.  Specimens like this are what have made the Himalaya Mine so famous!  Rare, once-in-a-lifetime find. 
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