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Reverse Watermelon Tourmaline with Quartz from Himalaya Mine, California; $1,150 @ Mystical Earth Gallery

Reverse Watermelon Tourmaline with Quartz

  • First Piece (Tourmaline) Size: 21.1mm (L) x 19 mm (W) x 24.1mm (H) 
  • Second Piece (Tourmaline + Quartz) Size: 25.11mm (L) x 20.3mm (W) x 35.6mm (H) 
  • All measurements are approximate

Origin:  Himalaya Mine, San Diego County, California 

Weight:   33.9 grams

Reverse Watermelon Tourmaline on double terminated Quartz Crystal.  This item is two separate pieces, sold as one specimen.  They were found in the Himalaya Mine, side by side and was originally one single piece.  Both pieces healed over time, forming micro-crystals along the edges, and therefore, there is a slight gap if one attempts to mount one on the other.   One can clearly see it was one single piece in its origin.  This gives several display options for this beautiful specimen.  See photos for examples.  
Still attached to the quartz crystal is a reverse watermelon tourmaline with pink exterior.  The larger upper reverse watermelon tourmaline is green with pink hues on exterior, as one can see in the photos.
Regular price $1,150.00

Item# T-008

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