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Welcome to Our Mineral and Crystal Gallery

mineral and crystal gallery

Fine Minerals and Crystals from Around the World

Mystical Earth Gallery is proud to bring you from around the globe our personally curated collection of fine crystals and minerals.  Many of these rare and intriguing specimens are of museum-grade quality with amazing vibrant and timeless beauty.  Travel the world while shopping our store! 


Mineral and crystal gallery, Jesse Martinez, manager standing by large crystals

Large Quartz Clusters from the Coleman Mine in Jessieville, Arkansas

In addition to offering Northeast Wisconsin's finest collection of minerals, crystals, fossils and jewelry, we also have magnificent quartz crystals weighing hundreds of pounds. Here store manager Jesse Martinez shows the quartz crystals he has of exceptional size and beauty. These masterpieces of the earth are on the market for buyers looking for something extraordinary to add to their collection. Please contact us with any questions you might have about purchasing these giant quartz crystals.


crystal and mineral gallery

Mineral and Crystal Collectors, Home Décor and Gifts

Whether you are a beginner or experienced collector, looking for sophisticated décor for your home or business, or buying a one-of-a-kind gift, browse our collection to find your perfect specimen or work of art!  Our store has something for everyone. Here at Mystical Earth Gallery we specialize in delivering exactly what you want to your door in a cost and time efficient manner.

crystal and mineral gallery

Browse our Mineral and Crystal Collections

The success of our business has been a direct result of our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.  If you are new to us, we genuinely and warmly invite you to get to know us.  We hope you enjoy browsing our collection.


mineral and crystal store

New Crystals and Minerals being added Weekly

Please note that we have just begun the process of offering our in-store inventory for sale also on our website.  At this time, only a fraction of our collection is listed online but as the weeks pass, more of our inventory will be made available online.  Please check back often!  If you don't see what you are looking for online, there is a good chance that we will have it in our store so please contact us with any questions.  Our experienced staff will be more than happy to assist you and share their knowledge.


mineral and crystal gallery

Our Store in Appleton

If you are in the Appleton, Wisconsin area, we welcome you to stop in for a visit, browse our store and see our extensive selection of fine mineral and crystal treasures demonstrating the natural art of our Earth.  Our store location is in downtown Appleton on College Avenue.  Appleton is just two hours north of Milwaukee and has much to offer year-round.

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps

We offer a great selection of Himalayan crystal salt lamps of both natural shapes and polished bowls. Each Himalayan salt lamp is unique in its shape, size and color. Our Himalayan salt lamps have a wooden base attached and come with a UL approved electric cord with a 7 watt bulb so you will have everything you need to start using it immediately.

Himalayan crystal salt lamps, which are becoming increasingly popular in the United States, are made from a block of crystallized salt mined deep below the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The block of crystallized salt is carved out from the inside and attached to a wooden base with a hole into which a light bulb can be inserted. When gently warmed by a 7 watt light bulb, the lamp naturally releases negative ions which acts as a corrective balance in purifying the air.


Thank you from Mystical Earth Gallery

Thank you for shopping for crystals and minerals with us.  We sincerely hope you enjoy your purchase and will visit us again soon.