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At Mystical Earth Gallery, we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. We are passionate about providing you with high-quality mineral specimens and jewelry, and we know there is no substitute to seeing an item in person.  We do our best to provide complete detailed descriptions of all items, including any damage or repairs we see on specimens.  Before you purchase, please keep in mind:
  1. All photos & videos are taken using daylight lamps and under optimum conditions, using reflective backgrounds and support stands. If your specimens are displayed under fluorescent or incandescent lights, the full beauty of your specimens may not show completely.  We do not use any photo or video editing software to enhance the item, only to make minute exposure adjustments so the photo/video is true as possible to the actual item itself.
  2. We take the time and effort to take accurate photos & videos, including macro shots, so you are able to make an informed purchasing decision.
  3. Our photos/videos are true to life in color as possible. Computer monitors vary in color accuracy, and in addition your monitor may not be color calibrated correctly to display accurate color.  It has also been noted that MAC users’ screens are intrinsically brighter, and therefore specimens will appear lighter than on PCs.
  4. Items are not to scale in the photos/videos and can look larger on screen than in real life. Please make note of the weights and/or approximate sizes listed in each item's description before you purchase.  Weight is measured on a postal scale, and is as accurate as we can achieve it.  We size items with a ruler or caliper.  Any deviation from either weight or size is minute, and which is why we use approximate in the description as such.
  5. The usual breaks, scuffing, contact points and cleaves that can occur where a specimen was removed from where it was formed in the Earth’s crust is not considered to be “damaged”.  Keep in mind that many times the minerals have to be removed by digging or even explosives.  


Return Policy

Updated November 4, 2019


We reserve the right to modify this return policy at any time, so please review it frequently.


PLEASE NOTE: All items sold at our physical store located in Menasha, WI, are FINAL SALE. Only items sold directly from are eligible for return/refund.  Any items sold directly from WILL NOT be accepted for RETURNS/REFUNDS at our physical store location in Menasha; they must be returned via mail as detailed below:


Our Return Policy is simple: if you are not satisfied with any item you purchase from us on our website, you may return the item at your expense if you notify us within five (5) calendar days of your receipt of order for a refund of the purchase price.  The refund excludes any shipping, handling & insurance fees (please see Returns Requirements below for full details).  

Any items returned must be in same condition as you received.  Tracking/Delivery Confirmation will be referenced to determine customer receipt date. 


Refunds are only eligible contingent upon the following requirements being met by the customer, and the person requesting refund must be original buyer:


  1. You must return the item in the same condition as you received it.
  2. As noted above, purchases made on the Mystical Earth Gallery website CANNOT be returned to our physical store located in Menasha, WI, and will not be accepted. All internet sales returns/refunds MUST be completed via postal or courier service.
  3. If you intend to return an item, please contact us at Mystical Earth Gallery within the five (5) calendar-day grace period via email or ph# 920-380-8679
  4. If we do not receive your return request within the five (5) calendar-day grace period, the return will not be accepted and no refund given. Tracking/Delivery Confirmation date will be referenced to determine customer receipt date of order. 
  5. When you contact us within the five (5) calendar-day grace period, we will give you a Authorization Number# within two (2) Business Days, excluding Holidays.  You will include the Return Authorization # in your return package (see below for instructions).
  6. Any items sent to Mystical Earth Gallery for refund that has not been assigned by us a Return Authorization# WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED for return/refund


Return item(s) to us in its original condition following the instructions below.


  1. The package containing the item(s) to be returned must be postmarked within seven (7) calendar days of the date the Return Authorization# was given to you.
  2. If your item to be returned is not postmarked within seven (7) calendar days of the date you received your Return Authorization#, you will then be charged a 25% restocking fee based on the retail price of item.
  3. Carefully wrap the item(s) individually, and wrapping should be done to protect and secure the item as well as when it was shipped to you. Include any labels or documentation that were sent with item(s). If you have questions about packaging, please contact us.
  4. Place the specimen boxes (with wrapped specimens enclosed) in the postage box, with at least 1 inch of padding between the specimen boxes and the sides of the postage box (this is in accordance with USPS and UPS regulations). Bubblewrap or scrunched newspaper are the best to use as padding. There should be no possible movement within the box once packed. If sending jewelry back, make sure it's properly protected with bubblewrap and/or boxed to protect it from any damage during shipping.
  5. Be sure to include a document with your Return Authorization#, Order# and your contact information in the postage box to assure a prompt refund.
  6. You are responsible for all postage costs related to the return of any item to Mystical Earth Gallery. Please insure the package for the full value of the items being returned, as you are responsible for the full value of the items should they be lost or damaged during return transit.
  7. Mail your return to: Mystical Earth Gallery, 220 Main Street, Menasha, WI  54952
  8. Upon receipt of the returned item(s) on time, item(s) will be inspected to make sure in good condition. Only after inspection will a full refund of the purchase price (excluding shipping/handling and insurance fees) will be refunded, and only via the original payment method (mailed payments will be refunded by check sent via regular mail).  This refund will be issued within 10 days of our receipt of the return.  Under no circumstances may Mystical Earth Gallery apply credit to another payment method other than the original, nor will cash be issued for any refunds.  You will receive a confirmation email indicating the processed refund and credit. Please note that credit cards refunds may take up to an additional 3 days to post to your account.


Any item specified as “FINAL SALE” on its individual product page is not eligible for return.


Mystical Earth Gallery reserves the right to record and analyze customer return behavior at its discretion. In cases where returned items becomes a chronic issue for a purchaser, we reserve the right to not sell them any items in the future.

Please contact us at if you have any further questions. 


Shipments Damaged or Lost in Transit


Shipment Damaged in Transit


We take great care in packaging each item, but accidents can happen occasionally and are rare.  If your item was damaged in transit, please IMMEDIATELY follow the procedure below so an insurance claim can be filed (failure to do so will void any refund).  Please take digital photographs so you can easily forward us the pictures.


  1. If the package itself is damaged, before the box is even opened, it should be photographed top and bottom. After you photograph the box and open it, if the item(s) inside is found to be damaged, photograph the item(s) immediately as it sits in the box.
  2. All packaging material, postal box and damaged goods must be kept in the original form as received. Packaging and damaged goods should not be disposed of or released to the carrier before a claim is completed, as photographs will be required. Failure to comply will result in the denial of the claim due to insufficient packing.  Do not return the item to Mystical Earth Gallery until settlement process is completed.  
  3. Contact us at immediately as soon as you discover the item is damaged (the sooner you contact us the better). Failure to contact us within the five (5) calendar day inspection period will void any refundPlease include digital photographs of damaged box and item(s).
  4. We will then begin the process of filing an insurance claim for a full refund of purchase price of item(s), including shipping fee. Please understand that if you do not assist us in filing an insurance claim, we will be unable to successfully recover the value of the item(s) from the insurer, and will be unable to issue you a refund.  We will give you complete instructions for processing the claim at that time.
  5. After we receive payment for the claim from the insurance company, we will contact you with instructions for returning the damaged item(s), for which we will pay return shipping charges. After we receive the item(s), we will then issue a refund to you only via the original payment method (mailed payments will be refunded by check sent via regular mail).  You will receive a confirmation e-mail indicating the processed refund.  Under no circumstances may Mystical Earth Gallery apply credit to another payment method other than the original, nor will cash be issued for any refunds.  Please note that credit cards refunds can take an additional 3 days to post to your account. 


 Shipment Lost in Transit


A package is deemed “Lost in Transit” if the tracking documentation does not show delivery by the carrier.  It’s always a good idea to wait a few days beyond the day of expected delivery. Packages can get delayed a day or so, or incorrectly scanned or sorted. It is not uncommon for a package to show up after the expected delivery date.


If a package Lost in Transit, please inform us and we will put in a request for a tracer on the package with the Post Office or delivery carrier.  Depending on the postal service or carrier used for delivery, a specific number of calendar days may need to pass before a claim can be filed.  After the claim is filed and processed by insurance company and we receive payment, we will refund your purchase price plus shipping fees.  Credit will be made only via original payment method (mailed payments will be refunded by check sent via regular mail), and you will receive a confirmation e-mail indicating the processed refund.  Under no circumstances may Mystical Earth Gallery apply credit to another payment method other than the original, nor will cash be issued for any refunds.  Please note that credit cards refunds can take an additional 3 days to post to your account.


Incorrect Order/Misidentification


Incorrect Order


 We take great care when processing your order, but if we make a mistake and send you the incorrect item, please contact us immediately via e-mail at, and we will deal with the issue promptly.  We will, of course, take care of all shipping fees involved to correct this error.


Misidentification of Specimen


We make every reasonable effort to correctly identify our specimens.  If you discover that a specimen has been misidentified or feel it was misrepresented in any way, you are required to contact us via e-mail at within the five (5) calendar day grace period.  We also require the following information:


  • Details of the method of identification in order to understand why you believe the specimen has been misidentified. If the identity is in question but no formal analysis has been attempted, we will assess the situation on a case-by-case basis in regards to a return/refund.  In some instances, we may require formal testing and analyzation from the customer before proceeding.  This is also why we take great care in providing detailed macro photographs to help you make an informed decision when selecting your specimen.
  • In any scenario where a specimen is formally tested and analyzed, and the specimen has been misidentified, we will provide a full refund of purchase price and shipping fees. Instructions on returning the item will be given at that time.