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Street Parking

Metered parking spaces are available on College Avenue in front of the store and also nearby on Morrison or Washington Streets.

The cost for metered street parking is $0.75/hour and is always free after 6:00 pm on weekdays.


Parking Ramps

There are two city parking ramps located behind the City Center Plaza, the Yellow Ramp and the Blue Ramp.


Yellow Ramp

The Yellow ramp (across the street from the City Center Plaza) is located at 130 East Washington Street, at the northwest corner of Washington and Morrison street.  The cost is only $1 for two hours or less, pay as you exit.  


Blue Ramp

The Blue Ramp is located 175 North Appleton Street (directly attached to the City Center Plaza), and has metered parking also at $0.75/hour.


Parking Map