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Quartz Crystal Cluster

Size: Average Height 4.5" (crystals extend up to 6"). Triangular shape 10" L x 8.5" W x 10" H (all approx.)

Origin:  Jessieville, Arkansas

Weight:  16.1 pounds

Absolutely Stunning Quartz Cluster -- is a must-have for the serious quartz collector.  The specimen possesses a very thin quartz matrix colored off-white.  Most larger crystals protrude all the way through, with many of them being double-terminated.  Crystals range in color from milky-white to semi-translucent to clear.  Many of the crystals protruding from the main face are covered in barnacle crystals.  This is a must-see, excellent for display laying flat or standing naturally on one of its sides.  This specimen is amongst one of the most unusual clusters we have see here at Mystical Earth Gallery.  A perfect addition to any quartz collection, and very reasonably priced!  
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Item# Q-094

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