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Quartz Crystal with Pyrite, Chalcopyrite & Sphalerite from Huaron, Peru; $99.95 @ Mystical Earth Gallery

Quartz Crystal with Pyrite, Chalcopyrite & Sphalerite

Size: 3.4" L x 1.1" W x 4" H (approx.)

Origin:  Huaron, Peru

Weight:  10 ounces

Quartz Crystal cluster with Pyrite cubes in front, and with Pyrite and small bits of Chalcopyrite and Sphalerite on reverse side.  Look closely, and you will see micro-hair Quartz Crystals.  It's an excellent specimen for the collector that is budget-minded -- very nice quality.  Lays flat, display block not included.
Regular price $99.95

Item# Q-095

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